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Stylish Smocks for Hairdressers

Hi, I’m Gina! I have been a hair dresser for years. Like many of you, I have worn baggy, boring and unattractive smocks to protect my clothing from the everyday use of chemicals. I would put on the smock only during the time when I was using the products. I took off the ugly thing as soon as possible. That was usually the wrong thing to do, as I found out later I had brown dye on my white slacks.

Nothing cute or attractive was ever offered in smocks or aprons from any manufactures I found. So, I decided to design my own smocks and share my creations with the industry. Stylish smocks for hairdressers are a necessity!

I have designed all of these smocks with myself in mind. My goal is to get you into a stylish smock that makes you feel great. The better you look, the better you will feel.

Get noticed!  Order your Hair Wear Smock today.  Need some bling in your life? We can do that too!  We will customize your smock with your salon logo or design.


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